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The Brabo Team

Harper McClure | Chef de Cuisine

  • Chef de Cuisine Harper McClure

McClure’s love of farm-fresh fare and quality ingredients stems from his childhood outside of Syracuse, New York, where working on a strawberry field and farm near his home taught him about organic dairy, pastured chickens and natural foods. The culmination: attending the Culinary Institute of America, where McClure gained experience in charcuterie, sauce working and farming.

It was at Washington, D.C.’s Vidalia where McClure began his career, working under the tutelage of James Beard award-winning chefs Jeffrey Buben and R.J. Cooper, with whom McClure reunited after gigs at Atlanta’s Bacchanalia and D.C.’s Equinox — where he met his wife, Blair McCormick— to appear on “Iron Chef America” in 2010. As executive sous chef at Marcel’s, McClure honed his European-inspired style, leaving briefly to open The Federalist before returning to the team and ultimately assuming his current role at BRABO.

Larry Glenn Queen | Pastry Chef

  • Pastry Chef

Larry Glenn Queen brings over seven years of pastry experience from the kitchens of Bistro Bis as pastry sous chef and Blacksalt to his new position as Executive Pastry Chef at BRABO. Born, raised and based in Bowie, Maryland, Larry’s small town roots lend inspiration to his overall pastry design aesthetic: nostalgia. 

As a child, Larry could be found learning his way around the kitchen under the guidance of his mother and grandmother, or working in his aunt’s restaurant. His grandmother’s prowess in pickling and creating jams and preserves are aspects of pastry making that still resonate with Larry to this day. This familial bond he shares with his love for cooking was a huge influence when creating BRABO’s pastry menu; Larry draws from feelings of comfort and familiarity paired with meticulous dedication to seasonality in order to create world-class desserts.

While comfort and nostalgia are at the core of his culinary affinity, Larry also finds himself enamored with incorporating savory elements to the overall science of pastry making. In particular, his favorite creation is bread: he loves the long process of taking raw, living ingredients to turn them into something completely different, and believes that the strict guidelines leave no room for error. From taking culinary classes at the local community college during high school, attending Stratford University, his experiences at PS 7, Blacksalt, Sweet City, Bistro Bis and now BRABO, Larry is most excited to share his unique view of pastry with the rest of the world.